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gone live and in hd, this is "abc 7 news at noon." --live and in hd, this is "abc 7 news at noon." this is abc 7 breaking news. >> in montgomery county a school bus caught on fire. these are dramatic pictures taken about an hour ago from newschopper 7. the bus is visible it charred.
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this happened near montrose road. no passengers on board. the driver got out safely. drivers from a nearby car were treated for smoke inhalation. also, fire officials are debating what triggered a massive and expensive blaze at the sierra club. four boats were destroyed at the washington boat club early this morning. jummy olabanji was on the scene. >> i cannot believe. >> destroyed after a massive fire at the washington yacht club early this morning. flames filled the night sky and big black smoke could be seen for several city blocks. the scenes sense owners rushing over to see the damage. all of them were shocked to find out something they worked so hard for went up in flames in a matter of minutes. >> i just bought the boats six months ago. >> if it's 40-foot speedboat was
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burned by the fire. he was just on the vote this weekend. >> i went out shopping for it yesterday. that boat is like my girlfriend. >> 9 is everything is gone, along with three others. the damage estimated at about a million dollars. fire officials say the fire broke out before 3:00 this morning. >> i had just renovated, quite a bit of money invested in it. now it's gone. >> firefighters if we're able to save a few votes by untying them from the docks, but others were not so lucky. >> is just a sad thing to be gone in such a short time. >> investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. they believe right now started close to land. they are still counting their
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blessings the owners. >> good thing i was not on the boat. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. a man is fighting for his life after being struck by a train this morning in the district. he was rescued after 1:00 a.m. by d.c. fire and ems. he was struck near eastern avenue and 37th street northeast. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. it's not clear why he was on the tracks. two tracks were shut down as a result. get ready to crank up the air conditioner. a heat wave is rolling in. temperatures could climb dangerously high. adam caskey here with the first forecast. >> dangerous heat will hold off until thursday through saturday and maybe sunday. that's when it will get to be dangerous. let's look at temperatures outside right now. 88 currently in the district.
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yesterday the afternoon high temperature was 89. today we should be in a low to mid 90's. it's muggy outside. dew points around 70. so you feel the humidity. 83 degrees along the water at quantico. the high temperature is 93 today with sunshine. a few clouds especially in virginia. that's pretty much all for the cloud cover. thunderstorms possible tonight. if tomorrow is the best chance for the workweek of showers. heat and humidity and on thursday. >> thank you. this summer heat owave in many as 40 states. we will have much more on the impact, coming up in about 10 minutes. to get updates on the forecast around the clock, log on to our web site check out the interactive seven- day forecast. a pedestrian is in serious
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condition after being struck by a car on pennsylvania avenue. the accident happened at around 7:00 this morning in northwest. the driver status scene. a pedestrian was taken to a local hospital for treatment. pennsylvania was closed while police investigated. the road is back open. fire investigators say that a fire that heavily damaged row house on massachusetts avenue started in the kitchen and spread to the second floor. at around 7:00 this morning firefighters arrived and found heavy smoke pouring out. two adults and a child escaped. they were taken to the hospital as a precaution. there were no working smoke alarms in the home. a man charged in last month's caribbean festival seating is due in court. a preliminary hearing scheduled for 19-year-old terry jimenez. he and two others were shooting at members of a rival gang. robert foster of northwest d.c.
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got caught in the crossfire. and was crossfire two other suspects have court appearances next monday. the robocall controversy involving campaign aides of bob ehrlich will be decided in court. julius henson pleaded not guilty in a baltimore courtroom. he's charged with trying suppress black voter turnout in maryland. prosecutors say recorded messages told the voters they could stay home because the incumbent mmartin o'malley was already beating bob ehrlich. a court case filed against the couple accused of crash in the white house dinner has been continued. a woman is suing the salahis for transportation to of virginia wine country store. they did not show up and the
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woman was never refunded the money. >> we expected them to show up at the location. we were going out for my graduation with friends. they were going to take us to five different winery's, they said. >> a lawyer representing the couple on another matter said that the papers were not served properly. the case is expected to be back before a judge on august 3. authorities are still investigating the tour bus crashes that killed two people on a trip from washington, d.c., to niagara falls. 35 people injured. a tire blowout if may have caused the driver to lose control. he ran off the road and crashed in a wooded median on interstate 390 near rochester, new york. the bus companies located near buffalo. the debt ceiling battle, getting ready for a showdown. the house is expected to vote on
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a republican-cutting plan as soon as tomorrow. democrats are calling it dead on arrival. the balanced budget amendment they will not accept. and if it fails, the senate will move to a plan to let the president raised the debt ceiling, himself. >> there's new hope, but little time for a big deal on deficit- reduction. >> the president is committed to a big deal, $4 trillion over 10 years. i am committed to it as well as harry reid. we need bipartisan support. >> right now we have a responsibility and an opportunity to reduce our deficits for as much as possible and solve this problem in a real and comprehensive way. >> house speaker john boehner if once the president to lay out specific cuts to entitlements. but in weeks of debate, the sticking points and not changed. republicans are opposing new taxes. >> unless the president gets off his obsession with raising taxes, republicans will not agree to do anything that will
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harm the economy. >> democrats want to protect entitlements. >> it's not fair to ask senior citizens to pay a price and kids getting a college education. and to leave the most privileges out of the bargain. >> we can cut rates for spending without cutting the benefits you have earned. >> senate leaders want to give the president departed to raise the debt ceiling on his own. >> it takes the pressure off all the politicians and allows us to pass a debt limit without making the hard choices that this country has to make. >> president obama is winning the public relations war. 71% of americans disapprove of the way republicans are handling the debt crisis. sad news. a bomb killed three international service members in eastern afghanistan. nato did not give the nationalities of the troops. most of the service members in
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that area are americans. there's a new commander taking control of nato forces in afghanistan. general david petraeus officially handed over command today to marine lieutenant- general john allen. general petraeus will become the next cia director in september. nato has begun the first phase of handing over security to afghan forces. coming up more fallout from the hacking scandal and threatening a media empire. an executive arrested and the scandal is stretching to the top of scotland yard. also, what does the future hold for casey anthony? >> today will be in hot. >> the heat is on, dangerous temperatures stretching across 40 states. how soon will the
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the fallout from the phone hacking scandal is widening. now two top police officers in britain have resigned. the chief of scotland yard's stepped down last night. then this morning the assistant commissioner resigned. this comes hours after a former news of the world" editor rebekah brooks was arrested and questioned about the alleged criminal activity. >> the detectives normally work monday through friday. it's unusual for someone be working on a sunday. there could be exceptions. >> prime minister david cameron has called for an emergency session of parliament. he will address lawmakers on wednesday and are looking into
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possible corruption in the police department. casey anthony is free. her whereabouts unknown. she left an orlando jail early yesterday morning. abc news learned the crop tra plane that left the airport is registered to an attorney. her parents are not even sure where she is. >> she walked out with $500. she does not have a bank account or place to live. if she is relying on other people. we want to make sure that she is safe. >> she is received death threats since been found not guilty by the jury of murdering her daughter. she may be facing more lawsuits related to her daughter's disappearance and death. from texas to michigan, people are making. the relief will not come any time soon.
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heat waves across the united states. that could reach 40 states before it's over. it makes going outside uncomfortable and even dangerous. with the heat index over 100 the minnesota twins baseball game on sunday had the fans doing everything they could to keep cool. >> its brutal. >> several fans ended up needing medical attention. this man was suffering from severe dehydration. across the country it has been a brutal summer with the dangerous heat wave sizzling in 40 states. in nebraska they are throwing ice in the swimming pools. in oklahoma there was a water main break due to the heat. and a section of freeway buckled, sending a motorcyclist to the hospital. water levels are falling fast. ponds in oklahoma are empty. in southwest oklahoma this man is trying to save the fish from his pond. he's moving them by hands through deeper waters.
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>> it is tragic that we are losing the water and all the fish. >> north of fort worth texas the extreme heat and drought has sparked fast-moving grass fires. texas could set another record this for the worst fire season ever with months of summer still left. 11 states could still temperatures of up to 115 degrees this week. we could be feeling 115 with the heat index in our area. >> especially by the end of the week. the heat is moving our way. we have already felt it this year. it will probably be right there again by thursday through saturday. get ready for that. i have an air-conditioner. >> good timing. >> exactly. >> it will be working overtime. that's for sure. >> let's take a look of a time lapse from washington-lee high
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school. a beautiful sunrise from arlington, a great picture. mostly sunny skies with a few high, thin clouds. this is the heat index, not the air temperature. it feels like 94 degrees at reagan national. it feels like 93 at dulles airport. it feels like 93 in frederick. this is a combination of the air temperature and the humidity. by this afternoon it will feel like about 99 for few hours. tomorrow it will feel like 100 or so. the actual air temperature,, 88, at reagan national. it's already warmer in omaha nebraska, 92. 89 in minneapolis. in i.t. yesterday in the town of newton,, there was a heat index of 126, yesterday afternoon -- in newton iowa.
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it might feel like 115 for us by thursday. clear skies overhead right now. starting to see storms developed in northwestern pennsylvania and eastern ohio. probably more action northwest of our metro area. some of that will dip south later tonight and lingering into the morning especially north of the metro area. a few storms possible later tonight into the morning. tropical storm bret in north of the great abaco islands pushing to the north and east. it is moving away from the u.s. it's not expected to turn into a hurricane. maximum sustained winds at 50 miles an hour currently. a few storms possible tonight especially north of the metro. in the 70's for the most part by a small morning. tomorrow is the single day this week when we have the best chance of the thunderstorms. -- and temperatures in the 70's for the most part by tomorrow morning.
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low to mid 90's tomorrow. 101 on friday. high temperatures in the 90's thursday and higher on saturday. there's a warning for drivers on interstate. 95 in interstate highway crews have begun three weeks of paving work on 95 southbound between 198 and 212. one to two lanes will be closed overnight. it's part of the icc project. paving work on the northbound lanes will start next month. if you want to take your pet on your next trip, check your airline rules. snotnosed dogs will no longer be allowed as checked baggage -- snub-nosed.
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such dogs have a hard time breathing and tend to overheat faster. delta and american also have tighter restrictions. coming up, heartbreak for the usa. did you see this game? a hard-won victory for japan. how both countries are reacting to the finish at a women's world cup. today on "oprah," a landmark interview with the president and first lady, 4:00 on abc 7.
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captioned by the national captioning institute and hard prepare for the
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u.s. set off to berlinjubilant celebrations in japan. the women of japan defeated team usa for the first time ever to win the women's world cup finals. japan came from behind twice to win in an agonizing shootout. the victory triggered fears and emotions in a company's -- in a country still reeling from the worst natural disaster in its history. the u.s. is dealing with the disappointment. >> this is soccer. you never know who's going to win. >> deadpan is the first asian nation to win a world cups.-- japan is the first asian nation to win a world cup. a special tribute to nelson mandela. >> the ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> 12 million children across south africa started the day by
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singing happy birthday to nelson mandela, the former president. he turns 93 today. expected to spend the day with his family in his home village. people, have been asked to give 57 minutes to their local community one minute for every year of his public service.
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viewers are checking out photographs of the fire at a d.c. i club. and there's a probe into a deadly to a bus crash. and bracing for the next summer heatwave. those stories and more at first it was actress mila kunis. then justin timberlake. now betty white has been asked by a sergeant to be his state at the marine corps ball. ray lewis called her the perfect woman. there's no word on her answer. mila kunis and justin timberlake are planning to attend the marine corps ball. i hope that the white goes. can you imagine? >> you-- betty white. get ready for intense heat and humidity especially thursday through saturday. it will feel like above 100.
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find a swimming pool. >> make sure the air
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